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    Copper has adorned the roofs for centuries and has a long list of advantages. It is durable, lightweight, fire-proof and can last for hundreds of years. A copper roof enhances with age; after a few years the surface develops a green patina. It is a beautiful material with the added benefit of little or no maintenance. 
    These qualities make copper one of the most trouble-free materials for roofing, cladding, flashing or gutters. Copper can be used on new build or heritage roofs. 

    Copper has been used in the construction of roofs in reliable roofing for a long period of time. This material is ideal for the simple flat roof, and a roof of a complex configuration. Copper is ideal for the installation of roofs with a small angle, where the risk of leaks may be more significant than on the roofs with a large angle. Thus one of the major advantages of copper roofing is its long life, which distinguishes the life of other roofing materials. Unlike the majority of roofing materials, copper does not lose ductility at low temperatures.

    Copper roof - is the material which is selected not only for its nice appearance, but also because of its great "domestic" qualities. Judge for yourself, the nicest roof should have qualities such as:
    - Strength
    - Longevity
    - The ability for any treatment
    - Economy
    - Environmentally friendly
    - Thermal Conductivity

    All of these features are about a cooper roof. We provide copper roofing Toronto at the highest level.
The secret of the longevity and strength of copper roof depends on the oxidation process. Fortunately, copper covered with solid protective structure, prevents the destructive influence of the environment on the copper roof, which, combined with the technology of laying the material increases the life of the roof.

    Therefore, copper has become one of the most prestigious materials for roofing. Copper roof is a qualitative, resistant to external impact material with excellent performance and noble appearance, which will serve you for many years. The key to all of this - is a knowledgeable and skilled installation of copper roof. We can assure you in reliability and quality of the copper roof installed by our specialists.

    When selecting a copper roof for your home, you get an elegant, high-quality, long-lasting roof, and, as an added bonus, the status of a caring owner, protecting your family and property.

Copper Roofing

Copper / Metal Works
Copper / Metal Works
Copper / Metal Works
Copper / Metal Works
Copper / Metal Works